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May 1, 2007


by Frank

Popping up on my blog-radar these days is American Hell. Gaping Void comparisons are unavoidable – even if there are considerable differences – if Gaping Void is too acerbic for you, American Hell might be more your style.

Above is my favourite American Hell cartoon, depicting the degree to which our obsession with blogging can affect our ability to relate to the world outside our computers… as Homer Simpson would say, ‘it’s funny coz it’s true’.

American Hell is worth keeping an eye on, it’s good now and I get the feeling its developing into something really strong.

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Tony’s Kansas City

by Tony

From the same artist, blogger who brought you Irish KC and the ensuing hilarious (magically delicious?) posts like a recent rundown of Irish Parental advice. Check it.

Quick and to the point and reminds me a bit of toothpaste for dinner.

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Gregorian Rants

by Greagoir

I’m not going to pretend I know what it’s all about, though I get it more in my bleaker moments than otherwise

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by Damien

American Hell does comic strips. Kinda. Very odd but very good.

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This Next – Recommendation

by Michelle Lamar of White Trash Mom

Draws cartoons with an edge. I like the humor but I realize it’s not for everyone. Just the twisted ones like me

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Hip Suburban White Guy

by Xavier Onassis

Eolaí may be gone, but he is not forgotten.

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by Kristine

How does he do it? I met the talented Eolaí of American Hell once at a blogger happy hour and then he promptly moved back to Ireland. Today he summed up my marriage in a single cartoon.

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General Blather

by Heather

Apparently [American Hell]’s looked back on the blog and knows of my lousy relationship track record.

I’m flattered anyway…

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Kathy Foley

by Kathy

…precious gems…can be seriously hard to find. There were a few on the Blog Awards list alright. American Hell, for sure, was one I liked.

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Crime Always Pays

by Declan Burke

We’ve had crime fiction novels and short stories here at CAP Towers, and we’ve even had crime fiction poetry courtesy of Colm Keegan, but crime fiction funnies? We like Eolaí at American Hell, people …

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And 3 months later again on Crime Always Pays:

…another old friend of CAP, Mr American Hell himself, has been busy a-doodling and has come up with another crime fiction cartoon classic. We likey.

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The Jamaica Star

Forum discussion on flirting
psmile embedded Markie Didn’t Consider It Flirting
Blossom said:

Oh, poor Markie!! Should ave stood on the platform instead of the rails

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Nurse in the City

by Susascrubs

Computers have killed our communication skills with each other and promoted passive aggressive behavior.

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How To Pick Up Girls

by Ethan

All this picking up hot girls, while fun, is just a distraction and what I really, dearly want is to stop this endless waste of time, money and my health and settle down and get to know someone.

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by FeedbackOscillator

περίεργο χιούμορ. Ακόμη δεν έχω καταλάβει την θεματολογία του, αλλά φαίνεται πολύ καλό. [TRANSLATED: strange sense of humour. Even I do not understand the topic, but it looks very good.]

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Bock The Robber

by Bock

Old Eolaí is at his grim cartooning best at the moment.
Check it out now!

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Head Rambles

by Grandad

Eolaí obviously read my mind this morning and posted up this…[#130 All Around Grandad]
Nice one, Eolaí!

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Frenchy Me

by Julie

Is puzzled about Twitter…
Twitter is yet another way of voluntarily informing companies about what you like and your habits of all kinds so that they can target you better or send you special limited offers. Another way of releasing private information to “the world” (even if completely irrelevant and shallow).

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Startin’ A New Life Too

by Jeanny
(embedded #115 Why Do You Love Me?)

Worst fear: Waking up that one day, hubz would tell me that he dont love me anymore :(!

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By Mark on Twitter

whenever I need a good chuckle, I head over to americanhell – too funny (and sometimes disturbingly so…)

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By Andrew Krutchinsky on Twitter

Loved you soul pinching cartoons and words! Will stop for more. Thank you!

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Darla Dixon

By Darla on Twitter

your cartoons are like combination of John Lennon, Shel Silverstein, and Elvis Costello

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oh yeah, there’s also some Father Ted in yer humour lad lol

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Zeitgeist of the Saboteur Academia

by Zek J Evets

A strange amalgamation of crudely drawn sketches and lines of amazingly hilarious insight…This webcomic is a bit off in terms of its jokes and philosophy, but I like that. Eolai turns humanity on its side and then takes notes…

There’s a deeply cynical viewpoint that criticizes as it entertains. We’re shown the sad truth on multiple levels in such a macabre way that you can’t help but outwardly laugh and inwardly cry…

…He just might be the reincarnation of Oscar Wilde.

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Conversations in Social Media

by Juliane Köpke

According to the linguist Hymes the interpretation of context provides a range of meanings. To prove this point I want to check the different features of context in the case of the cartoon you can see above:
addressor: the person on the left side – [probably] a young boy asks his friend (or at least a well- known person) a question
addressee: the person on the right side, also male, answers
topic: stalking a treasured woman
setting: both are at the same time at the same place ; they are smiling
channel: speech
code: they use casual English
message-form: chat
event: not a special event; they just meet somewhere and talk to each other – so they use colloquial language
key: funny conversation between two immature boys
purpose: one boy inform the other about a new “stalking method”: a twitter account

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Tech Affect

by Sandra Fathi

Cartoon AH75 “But Why Didn’t You Tell Me?” used to illustrate blogpost: “8 Ways Commenting On Blogs Boosts Your Reputation & Web Traffic”

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Not A Claim To Fame But A Way Of Life

by Make Things Happen, Inc.

Cartoon AH49 “Markie Didn’t Consider It Flirting” used to illustrate blogpost called “Time Machine”.

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With A Smile On Your Face

by Ashley

Cartoon AH19 “Yes She Had Dumped Him” used to illustrate the Song of the Day, Breakin’ Up by Rilo Kiley

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Notes From The Poitin Still

by beirn_ie

American Hell………..brillant cartoon AH24 “She Believed He Was Scared Of Her”

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by Tony

New to me is American Hell .I found it via the equally splendid Old Bitter Balls. Just when I feel a little weird, i find this comforting to know I am not alone……………..

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Positive Science, Negative Theology

by Paul Wallace

Cartoon AH151 “She Wanted To Make A Difference” used to accompany a blog post titled What’s scary: “making a difference”

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Ramblings Of The Bearded One

By Kim Ayres

American Hell is one of the great unsung cartoon blogs on the net. Eolai’s scribblings look like quick doodles, and yet there is often profound mood and depth reflected in them. But the accompanying words are always funny, painful or both.

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  1. Comment by Eoin Purcell — May 23, 2007 @ 8:28 am

    Great website, love your work.

    If you ever get a hankering for it in print or an idea that might work in orint, drop me a line. I might be able to help, I might not, but I’d love to try at least!


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