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I’m currently of no fixed abode in Ireland after over 8 years living in the US. So I don’t have a snail mail address for you.

Phoning isn’t any easier as I’ve never had a mobile phone.

That leaves e-mail. You can contact me via artist{at}

You can also of course contact me by leaving a comment on a general page here on American Hell, such as Q&A, the History & Background, what Others Said, or even the overall list of cartoons.

I do hope to have some fixed living conditions at some stage, and just as soon as I have those details, you’ll be the first to know.

UPDATE 2009: In autumn 2008 I moved to a cottage in Donegal with my dog and bicycle, to live and paint.

The cottage didn’t work out (it’s detailed in the cottage chronicles) so I returned to Dublin where I now have a studio. I don’t live there – as it’s not liveable – but before long I’ll post details of its location to facilitate visitors.

To be honest, Twitter is probably the quickest way to initiate contact with me. Just reply to me @eolai or if I follow you, dm (message) me.

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