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#107 It Was Their First Christmas Together

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You'll Never Amount To Anything

Name suggested by Erin

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No Time For Laughing

December 14, 2007

This traveling lark sure does interfere with posting.

I’m currently moving through England, doing a couple of paint jobs. The notebook came with me, as did a dozen scanned American Hell drawings, but not alone can I not find the half-hour necessary to collate and publish, more importantly I can’t find the time to get my head out of the paint tins to find anything funny. Or sad. Or anything. There is no thinking time. I should have thought of that.

On the plus front I have got closer to creating a widget for you to stick American Hell in your sidebar. Stay tuned. Or fed, since this is a blog and not a radio programme.

2 out of the next 3 days, if not all 3 of them, I am traveling. Maybe somewhere in there I’ll laugh. Or cry. Either way American Hell postings should be resuming shortly. At least until I step on a plane for America. But that will be a long way from tins of paint and almost certainly make me laugh. Or cry.

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