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Rex Reckoned Women Wouldn't

Name suggested by KC Sponge

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  1. Comment by Sam, Problemchildbride — February 11, 2008 @ 2:01 pm

    Rex is the best visual representation I’ve seen for how I feel this morning. In-bloody-somnia. Rex’s frineds are right though, if you don’t dip your toe in the water you’ll never get your feet wet and never know if there are any fish in his sea. He’ll never get a nibble.

  2. Comment by Sam, Problemchildbride — February 11, 2008 @ 2:02 pm

    Terrific to see American hell shortlisted at the iba. I was one of your nominators and didn’t know where to put you but figured Arts and Culture was the best bet. Seems the judges agree!

  3. Comment by Eolaí — February 11, 2008 @ 2:27 pm

    And yet Sam, something tells me that when Rex is curled up there naked in the dry tub, the water finally does arrive.

    Thanks a mill for the IBA thing. I’m truly surprised by the shortlisting of AH with so many really good commentary sites.

  4. Comment by Pat — February 12, 2008 @ 2:25 am

    Sounds like people are sitting up and taking notice. Well done!

  5. Comment by Eolaí — February 12, 2008 @ 8:46 am

    Thanks Pat – and I fixed your name for you.

  6. Comment by R. E. Quired — February 12, 2008 @ 5:40 pm

    Important Bird Area
    International Bryozoology Association
    Iron Butt Association
    Irritable Bowel Association
    Israel Broadcasting Authority
    International Bank of Asia
    Indole-3-butyric acid
    Incinerator bottom ash…?

    or is it Irreplaceable Bloggers Alliance?

  7. Comment by Eolaí — February 12, 2008 @ 5:58 pm

    Ah, how rude of me R.E. – it’s the Irish Blog Awards. American Hell was nominated as the Best Arts & Culture blog, and yesterday it made the shortlist.

    Unfortunately I’ll have to just carry on waiting and hoping to be shortlisted by the Iron Butt Association.

  8. Comment by R. E. Quired — February 15, 2008 @ 11:56 am

    Yeah, join the club.
    Last summer I made it into the Buns of Steel ASSociation, butt have recently been dropped from such prestige.
    Oh, to be a an alloy again.

  9. Comment by KC Sponge — February 18, 2008 @ 2:14 am

    Thanks for using the name . . . always wanted a boy named Rex, now at least I have a cartoon!

    Congrats on the nod!!

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