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November 4, 2007

Out of sorts for the guts of 2 months, American Hell is now officially back. With an anti-climax mind you, as I’ve always been a fan of the whimper.

One big session of scanning a couple of months ago and there wouldn’t have been any need for a gap in publishing, but I was out that night.

Anyway now I should be back to whatever I was doing before. It’s not quite as smooth a procedure anymore as it now takes 3 machines from drawing to posting where it used to take just one – so it is ripe for the odd glitch, but we’ll aim for about 5 cartoons a week and see what happens.



  1. Comment by martha — November 6, 2007 @ 7:30 pm

    missed you!

  2. Comment by savannah — November 11, 2007 @ 1:28 pm

    looking forward to your work :-)

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